This guide contains detailed steps on how to use Ticklers in the Classic UI. 


Ticklers serve as Reminders in Juno EMR. They can be used to create reminders for tasks to be carried out by either yourself or other EMR users for patients. For this reason, Ticklers have to be assigned to a patient’s eChart.


Creating Ticklers


From the eChart


The Tickler section is located on the left of a patient's eChart. To create a Tickler, click on the "+"  icon(see image below) to the right of the Tickler header.


ticklers classic ui


On the Create Tickler page;

  • The "Service Date" field is the date you or the user you are assigning the tickler to want to be reminded to carry out the task. You can type in the date, use the calendar lookup or click on the shortcuts below the field to fill out the field.

  • The “Priority” dropdown menu allows you to set a Tickler as either Low, Medium or High priority.

  • The "Task Assigned to" field gives you a drop down to select which user you would like to assign the tickler to, by default you (the current user) are selected.

  • The "Reminder Message" field should be used to enter the task details.

After filling out the details, you can click on the "Submit and Exit" button to create the tickler or the "Submit & Write to Encounter" button to create the tickler and add the tickler as a note in the encounter section of the patient's eChart. Ticklers are highlighted in orange in the encounter section of  eCharts (see image below).


ticklers classic ui - img1

Clicking on the "Tickler" header on the left of the eChart gives you a list of active ticklers for that patient.

From the Tickler Window

You can also create ticklers by clicking on the “Tickler” link at the top of the schedule page, this opens up the Tickler section of the EMR with a list of active ticklers for all EMR users by default(user preference can be set in “Preferences”). In the Tickler section, click on the “Add Tickler” button at the bottom of the table.

ticklers classic ui - img2



On the Create Tickler page, you would need to search for and select a patient whose eChart the tickler would be associated with using the “Demographic Name” field. You can complete the other fields and create the Tickler by following the steps detailed in the “Create Tickler” section above.

 ticklers classic ui - img3


Creating Ticklers from Labs or Documents


Ticklers can also be created from lab results, documents received by fax or documents uploaded into the EMR. 


To create a tickler from a lab result or document, open the document or lab result, then click on the “Tickler” button at the top of the document or lab result then follow the steps detailed in the “Create Tickler” section to create the tickler.



ticklers classic ui - img4



Note that before a tickler can be created from a lab result or document, the lab result or document has to be assigned to a demographic.

See this guide Viewing and Updating Ticklers in the Classic UI for details on how to view and update Ticklers in the Classic UI.