If you were billing through a different software prior to getting a ClinicAid account, it may be possible to import your patient data directly into ClinicAid so that you don’t have to manually enter each patient record into the system. You will need a copy of your data in a comma-separated value (CSV) format (generally an Excel spreadsheet-type format will work).


If you don’t have direct access to your patient data, you will need to ask your current or previous billing software provider for the export.

Follow these steps to Import your Patient Demographic files (or you can contact us to do so):

  1. CSV File Requirements for Patient Imports:

  • The file must be in a valid CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file

  • Maximum import file size is 5 MB.

  • The Import file should have UTF-8 encoding

  • The first line of the file must contain column headers

  • All subsequent lines in the file must contain column values

  1. Change the Column Headers:

  • To view the acceptable ClinicAid column headers, go to the “Manage Patient” section in the left hand menu, and click on the blue “Import CSV” button at the top.

    Click on the blue "Download Sample CSV" button near the top left to view a 'Basic Example with Data' or 'All Possible Column Headers'.

  • Change your column headers on your patient demographic CSV file to match the acceptable ClinicAid ones.

  1.  Run the Test Import:

In ClinicAid, go to the “Manage Patient” section, and click on the blue “Import CSV” button at the top.

Fill out the following sections:

  • Duplicate Record Action: 
    Select from 1 of the following 3 in the drop down menu:

  • Skip record if existing record is found

  • Update all fields if existing record is found

  • Update only blank fields if existing record is found

  • Date Format: select appropriate one (usually match the date of birth format).

  • MRP: Most Responsible Physician, Provider, or Practitioner (optional).

  • CSV Import File: select appropriate one.

  • Click the green “Run Test Import” button at the bottom.

If any of the patient demographics rows are red, click on the row to review the error message. If necessary, edit the CSV file, and ‘Run Test Import’ again.

  1. Confirm Import and Run Live:

When satisfied, click the green “Confirm Import and Run Live” button at the bottom of the screen.


                     Your patient demographic files are now imported into ClinicAid!

To view them, click on the ClinicAid “Manage Patient” section in the left hand menu.