Question: I need to delete an accepted invoice. I billed an 03.03b and a 03.04c on the same patient - Alberta Health (via HLINK) paid the 03.03b but I now want to delete the invoice because I want the 03.04C to pay not the 03.03b


Hello, no problem.

To delete the old invoice that has already been paid you need to "Delete from HLINK". In order to do that you'll first have to "unsettle" it because ClinicAid will automatically settle bills that come in as accepted.

1. Search for invoice in manage invoices screen

2. Select it and click the "unsettle" button (you can also unsettle an invoice on its "view" screen)

3. Click to view the invoice

4. Press the red "Delete from HLINK" button and follow the prompts to delete it

Once this is done you can then resend the 03.04C.

Its possible they might reject the 03.04C one more time if they don't recognize that you've already deleted the 03.03B before they process the 03.04C but you might as well send them both in anyways (Delete the 03.03B first) and if they reject it again you can just send it in again next week.